Learning Management System


As of 1 Jan 2019, we use two different Learning Management Systems (LMSs) within Global Solutions.

The Absorb LMS is no longer in use and all product training will be moved to Cornerstone (see below).

  • Cornerstone on Demand (CSoD) is used for online product training, webinars, training around compliance such as Anti-Bribery and Anti-Trust training, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and registering for in-person product training.  This is also where the standard certification exams are located.
  • iLMS is used for Anti-Harrassment training in North America, but this will be consolidated into Cornerstone at some point in 2019.

Cornerstone automatically registers direct employees, so they will not need to re-register anywhere.  They can login directly through Single Sign-On.

External learners (for example Business Partners / Distributors) need to register on the system before they are able to login and use it.

In order to do any certifications or other training, it is necessary to have completed the mandatory training of:

  • Data Protection
  • Security Awareness
  • Anti-Bribery

This applies to business partners as well, as they represent the interests of ASSA ABLOY in their territories.

We are in the process of moving as much training as possible to the Cornerstone LMS, but this takes time.

Here is the current status:

HTA Certification Exams OK
HTA Re-certification Exam OK
HSA Certification Exams OK
HSA Re-certification Exam OK
HTA Learner Records OK
HSA Learner Records OK
HTP Learner Records In Progress
HTE Learner Records In Progress
HTE Certification Exams In Progress
Visionline Course In Progress
Vision Course Not Started
Orion Course No Plan to Include
Webinar Recordings to 2018 No Plan to Include

Migrating the course is not always easy as the Cornerstone System does not support the same standards that Absorb did.  This means that much of the content needs to be re-packaged from the original source files.  This is a good opportunity to ensure the training courses are up-to-date with the latest product information, so this process may take even longer, but with an end result that more people can get better training overall.

In order to manage support for training, we will now use service now for all internal support requests:


Select Generic Request or Report New Incident and then type "AAGS - Academy" in the service field.

By using Service Now, we can better track and manage support requests and ensure they are directed to the right person.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during the transition.

Guy Martin
Global Learning & Development Manager
ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions